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1. Phyllis - September 29, 2007

I would like to know what the bible say about if you leave a particular church that you will be cursed ? You have Pastors telling their flock if you leave this church you will be cursed because he is using manipulation to keep the people from leaving because he is no longer following christ.

2. pastor romero long - November 28, 2007

how can i find other safechurches to fellowship with?

3. kskedgell - December 1, 2007

I was involved with a fundamentalist cult for fiteen years before I left twenty years ago. In it, I was sexually, physically, spiritually and psychologically abused. I have been moving on with my life and am very happy now, involved in a non-abusive church. I have just written a book about my experience in the cult and would be willing to speak with anyone who worries their church might be cultic or not. I am also a clinical social worker with a degree from Yale Divinity School so am trained as a counselor as well. I am happy to help if there’s something I can do. My blog is called : http://losingtheway.blogspot.com. come visit! (My blog is called Losing the Way because that is the name of my book and the Way was the name of the cult.)

4. Anonymous - February 19, 2008

Hello Kris, I just discovered your blog. I am not very hi-tech–so I am never sure that my message got through. I have asked after you many times in the last decades whenever it seemed someone might know where you were–so I am happy to find you.I am fine, living in Long Island just now. My kids–Sylvia and Nick are married and have kids. Praise the Lord, all are well, busy, growing and learning–including me. Would love to hear from you e-mail: eswhiteside@juno.com. Looking forward to reading your book. God bless and love, Elena Whiteside

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