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My Church – My Family by Dr. Jim Richards (Book Review) January 10, 2000

Posted by roopster in Christianity, Church, Spiritual Abuse.
My Church – My Family

by Dr. Jim Richards

There have been scandalous , moral failures among church leaders, multimillion dollar financial misrepresentations, and even false Messiahs. In this era of abuse in the church, people are becoming afraid to trust. Is this the time to abandon the local church? Should we throw it all away to protect ourselves? The answer is emphatically, “No!” Jesus warned that such times would come and Paul waned of these days, yet they had value for the church. They encouraged us to be part of the local church. If confidence in the local church is destroyed, there will be another dark-ages, the likes of which the world has never seen. If there has ever been a time that we needed one another, it is today. A false, dark-ages concept of leadership is what has led to the abuse of church members. But we cannot let the corruption of some destroy our ability to have meaningful relationships with the church. Instead, we must change the way that we relate to it. We can make our churches a safe place to be again. The local church can be a place of love, healing, and mercy. But this will not happen through the clergy; it will only happen as the members learn and establish the Biblical way of relating to the church. It is time that we assume responsibility for ourselves and our church. The solution does not lie in the morality of the leaders; it lies in the courage and the integrity of the members. You can be committed without being codependent. You can give without being, “taken”. You can serve without being used. You can have a healthy relationship with a church, and by doing so, you can make your church healthy.


1. Spankie - November 5, 2007

well written, but if you have never been there, ya cant understand. Do a google on spiritual abuse to better understand the pain in the pews… In His Service

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